Monday, May 09, 2011

Human Motion Institute

The Human Motion Institute at Exempla Lutheran Medical Center along with the APEX center and the Arvada Triathlon Club recently concluded a community education series. The series included presentations on running injuries, cycling injuries, women’s specific sports medicine, environmental factors in sports medicine and concluded with swimming injuries.

The presentations were performed by Brian Shannon (Orthopedist), Tod Sweeney (Family Medicine) and Thomas Maino (Family Medicine). The interactive lectures felt like half continuing medical education and half get a free consult from a sports medicine doctor. I particularly enjoyed the presentations as I participate in triathlon and have been repeatedly sidelined by numerous “injuries” over the past few years. Over that same time, I have been fitted for orthotics, had my bike professionally fitted and have had a master’s coach look at my swim form. My current thinking is that everything has been gout related and misdiagnosed personally and professionally.

At any rate, I really appreciate the Human Motion Institute and the individual doctors donating their time. More and more athletes branch out into new sports and assume they can just walk off injuries. Usually they return to exercise only to aggravate an existing issue. Also some adults bring the mental intensity of youth along with the physical capabilities of middle age and find themselves with acute and chronic injuries that require professional care.

It is also refreshing to hear professional reviews of anatomy, physiology, and incidence rates. It was also a good reminder to treat for the most likely, but rule out the most dangerous.

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