Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Reading List

As I have taken an interest in reading again, I have constantly been on the lookout for book recommendations. If I read about a book in a magazine or blog it goes on my list. I will also peruse the NY Times best sellers list for authors of note. As a result my list has grown to 72 titles. At the rate I am going, that amounts to about 3 years of reading.

However several titles keep getting thrown on the back burner. Most of these are non-fiction sports books in the fields of bicycling, running and triathlon. It is a rare situation where an author excels in a sports discipline and is also an entertaining writer.

I am constantly adding books faster than I can read them. I really enjoyed a Michael Connelly book that I was turned onto during the previews at the movie theater. Just today I added the Split Second by Balducci based on a more recent book being on the best sellers list.

There was a time that I was more interested in the classics as I got an ego boost from being familiar with authors and references. I read some works by Dostoevsky and now keep the paperbacks on my shelf as trophies. However that luxury has faded. I use books to become educated on topics of interest and as an escape from real life.

I am currently reading “The Olympian” by Glanville and on deck is “Swimming to Antarctica” by Cox. “The Olympian” was added based on a quote in Runner’s World magazine. I was turned on to “Swimming to Antarctica” based on a television series profiling athletes and learned of Lynne Cox’s prowess in open water. At the library I am on the waiting list for “Cutting for Stone” by Verghese. I started this book but did not finish it during the three week lending cycle.

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