Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy 40th Birthday

For my birthday, my family came out to watch me race the Stroke & Stride. As my children are young, this is quite the burden so I really appreciate it. The shots above are from the beach as I come through between swim laps.

I had a great race and set a Personal Record for the 1500 meter swim and 5K run. Compared to last August when I raced this distance my swim was 3:19 seconds slower, but my run was 3:45 seconds faster. The weather conditions were perfect and I was able to clip off 8:41 miles.

It was interesting that the same as last year, I needed some back-up equipment. This time it was my swim cap that tore. I was so glad that I had an extra one. I stayed toasty warm in the 64 degree water.

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