Friday, June 03, 2011

Stroke & Stride

I had a great season opener this year at the Stroke & Stride finishing in 51:29 with a 17:28 swim and a 29:44 5K. Last year I had a disappointing swim for my first time out that was even slower than my 2009 time which was my first open water swim in 20 years. I set a very slow pace going out and also had to deal with tough water conditions as there were sustained winds at over 20 miles per hour. Those winds made for tough running conditions also, but my running form is the best it has been in years.

I really think Master’s swimming has made a terrific difference. I have also been getting tremendous family support and have been able to train upwards of 6 hours per week. I have also made inroads with my gout issues. My lost training days to gout episodes are down significantly from the 2010 season.

750m/5K:  19:23/31:10

750m/5K:  24:42/34:37
1500m/5K:  15:12/17:18/30:40

750m/5K:  17:28/29:44

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