Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Running Times

I have really started to see some progress in my running. I think that is probably due to the fact that my bicycling is off. However, I did get in some great base miles during the off season and have been racing more and doing speed work.

I trained for and then completed the Colfax Half Marathon on May 15th. Since then, I have run four 5K’s with the following times:

05.18 NEHFD 5K – 26:48 (8:42 miles)

06.02 Stroke & Stride SS – 29:44 (9:35 miles)

06.09 Stroke & Stride LS – 26:55 (8:41 miles)

06.19 Father’s Day 5K – 26:01 (8:19 miles)

I am having concerns about building up to the marathon distance. Also this string of races has me hoping to run a sub 25 minute 5K this season. That will mean more speed work and better time management.

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