Thursday, July 28, 2011

Season Burnout

Even though I am less than two months into my three month racing season, I am already starting to feel a little burned out.  I planned on doing 3 Stroke & Strides and 2 Duathlons.  As it sits, I will probably cancel the last duathlon and replace it with a 2.4 mile open water swim.

I am still getting a lot out of my training sessions, but the thought of assembling all the gear and pushing at race pace is not appealing. 

Another factor is a hectic family schedule in August and September as my wife will be traveling for work and my parents will be coming to town for a week.

I am hoping that a quiet season wind down will keep me poised to be more disciplined this winter in terms of keeping a solid training base.   In addition to the Chilly Cheeks events, Racing Underground is sponsoring a the Ralston Creek Half Marathon February 12.

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