Monday, August 01, 2011

Cooking More

As all my hobby interests tend to wax and wane, I have started trying to cook a little bit more again.  This time, my impetus was reading about the tasty dishes my facebook friends were cooking up.  While I am a far cry from whipping up risotto or tandoori chicken, I am starting to make small steps again.

Last week I experimented with meat pies.  The experiment was a failure, but with leftover dough the girls did eat some crescent rolls and ate pizzas that they assembled with cheese and black olives.  One nice plus is that I added a couple of Le Creuset stoneware 4.5 inch pie dishes which will come in handy in the future as our family tends to cook in single serving portions.

The other big hurdle was getting out to the Farmer’s market for fresh vegetables.  My sense of taste is not terribly keen, nor do I get wrapped around the axle regarding organic cultivation.  However, I do appreciate that vegetables bred for volume production and transportation stability may not taste as good as vegetables bred for local consumption.  My big purchase was some Stupice heirloom tomatoes from Star Acre Farms.  They are a local supplier who sells full and half community supported agriculture shares in addition to vegetable delivery and participation in farmers markets.  The tomatoes are an early variety and taste great.  That may be all in my head as people’s taste is often affected by expectation.

My other purchase was a bag of pluots.  This plum-apricot hybrid is terrific and I look forward to them every year.  Summer is great for fruits anyway and in the winter we usually stick to bananas and apples.

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