Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Softball season came to an end on Saturday with the end of the season tournament.  Our team was 1-2 in the tournament but 0.500 for the regular season.  It was a lot of fun, but I am also ready for a break from team sports.

I always wonder how much time I will have to commit to softball.  This year I was able to play in 10 games out of 26.  I missed two weekends for babysitting, two for running, one for traveling and one other weekend that I can’t figure out.  I usually only plan on making half the games anyway and this year all of our games were in good time slots and we had enough players on staff to not be in forfeit situations.

I have kept track of my batting average the past two years and it fell from 0.458 for 24 at bats to 0.333 for 21 at bats.  Part of me believes that this is a sign to quit.  Another part of me thinks I just need to hit the cages more.  I will certainly try to get to the cages this fall as they are relatively close to my house and a cheap way to let off steam.

The discussion of who can coach came up and my name came up as I haven’t coached in a long time.  I was the second coach and we have had four coaches in the interim.  Given the average tenure of players on the team, I am not an unreasonable choice and may take on that commitment in the spring which amounts to attending a couple of meetings and making phone calls every week.

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