Monday, July 18, 2011

2011 Big Sky Duathlon

This past Saturday, I participated in the Big Sky Duathlon hosted by Racing Underground and held in Bennett, CO.  This was another well run event and attracted over 200 participants.  I finished in 170th place in 1:43:36 for the 2.4 mile run, 15.3 mile bike, and 2.4 mile run event.  I was extremely pleased with my pace for the first run (8:44 miles) and bike (17.0 mph).  The second run was a lot slower at 9:45 miles, but surprisingly that was relatively speaking my best leg at 156th overall.  I guess the rest of the field blew up worse than I did.

The run courses were two flat loops on dirt and paved roads which made it easier to pace.  Similarly the bike was a flat out and back which was great to ride as I never average 17.0 mph on my training rides.  Of course averaging 127 watts on the course is another record for me.  My previous best was 114 on the 9 mile Westside Duathlon course last year when I only completed one loop.

Overall I am very pleased with my season so far.  It is the result of a perfect storm in terms of off-season fitness, having my gout in check and family support.

Thanks to Skipix for taking pictures during the event.  I think I am going to end up buying one of the two thumbnails.

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