Thursday, August 18, 2011

Death of a Television

When I got my first on my own apartment in 2000, I had fairly limited material possessions.  In addition to a sporting goods and some clothing, I had a dresser.  I got a kitchen table from a dumpster and a couch from a yard sale.  Eventually I bought a new bed.  One item that was conspicuously missing was a television.  I actually had a yard sale television stand just waiting for the purchase.  However, I did not have the disposable income at that time to pull the trigger on a television set (probably a few hundred dollars).

Eventually a friend of a friend was selling a two year old 25 inch tube television for $150 and I picked it up the same day.  I couldn’t justify cable right away so I started with a cheap VCR and 3 for $5 movies from the grocery store.  Within a couple of years, I had cable, a DVD player, and a reasonable sound system.  The television began to look undersized.

That television survived two more moves and significant use until we purchased a flat screen in 2008.  This past week, the tube went out and “Mary’s Television” was no more.  It is unlikely that we will replace the set.  We kept it after buying the flat screen because it worked and was harder to dispose of rather than to keep.  Hopefully our 19 inch tube television has a few more good years, as it is the only upstairs television.

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Anonymous said...

When are you buying a replacement man You need it... okay, we need it!