Friday, August 19, 2011


I seem to have a lot on my mind lately this week.  It seems like several of my interests and hobbies are colliding.  First, it has been another crazy week in the market.  I want to do some bargain hunting, but at the same time, I am sweating the losses on my current positions.

Second, my training has been buoyed by a wonderful magazine subscription.  I highly recommend Running Times to anyone with athletic inspirations and especially to serious runners.  Compared with the celebrity reports, product reviews, fluff and advertising that is pervasive in Runner’s World and Triathlete, Running Times is thin but chock full of great articles.

Third, the Jefferson County Coin Show is this weekend.  While precious metals prices are up, I hope to find a couple of interesting pieces in silver and copper.

Fourth, as the girls are starting a new daycare and I will be packing lunches, I have ramped up cooking.  We have had fresh vegetables in the house all week.  Even when we don’t cook, we are more likely to heat up prepared foods than dine out. 

Fifth, we had a television die at the house.  This is a non-issue as we have two better televisions in the house.  However, it opens up my inner gadget freak to purchasing a replacement for it.  I have also been debating our media bill in terms of Comcast digital Cable, Netflix and Tivo.  It seems excessive for the amount of television our family actually consumes.

Finally after reading “Seal Team Six,” I am all of a sudden interested in firearms, scuba diving and skydiving.  These “thrill seeking” activities will probably not turn into full fledged hobbies, but I am amazed at how many resources are available in the local area.

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