Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Spin Doctor Pressure Gauge

I stopped by Performance Bike planning to purchase the Accu-Gauge pressure meter.  As it turned out the Spin Doctor brand was the only one in stock and I went ahead and gave it a shot for $9.95.  Its first use was great.  I was shooting for 100 psi and was at 106 psi on the rear and 100 on the front.  I was able to use the bleed off to get down to 100 psi on the rear.  Before I started pumping up the tires, I was at 60 pounds and probably would have gone ahead and road on them as they felt OK.

Considering that pumping up the tires and cleaning the drive train is the extent of the maintenance I perform on my bike, I figured that the proper equipment is definitely worth it.

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