Monday, August 22, 2011

Silver Bullet Shooting Range

I had the opportunity to visit the Silver Bullet Shooting Range this past weekend.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect as I haven’t been to a range in about 10 years and that was an outdoor range.  I figured the worst case scenario is that I stop by, ask a few question and leave.  Fortunately, my experience was very positive.

Located just east of Harlan on 38th Street, the building is non-descript except for the large sign out front.  There is a lounge/waiting area with a half dozen tables and a display cabinet/register in the main room.  There are 5 shooting lanes which are 25 yards long.  I guess there are classrooms in the building as well.

As a new shooter, I was told to read and understand the range rules and then sign in.  I signed in and provided identification.  I also bought a box of ammunition and some targets.  Eye protection was provided and I brought my own ear protection.  Although I would have preferred to have cans in addition to ear plugs.  I then headed into the range, set up my first target and loaded my firearm.  The first few shots were exhilarating and as much fun as I remember.  I proceeded to go through about 100 rounds and 10 targets over the course of about 45 minutes.  I had a couple of misfires and a couple of mis-feeds with my automatic, but none that I could not clear.

The crowd was pretty interesting.  It was a mix of experienced shooters, people taking their significant others shooting for the first time, a group receiving instruction and even a family that rented the AK-47 for their session.  There was a birthday in the family and I assume that was the child’s present.

While it was busy, I did not have to wait for a shooting lane.  I guess it was just good timing.  I received a $2 off military discount off of the usual range fee.  I also learned that group and private instruction is available through the facility.  In addition to handguns, rifles and shotguns are also allowed on the range although there are some ammunition restrictions.

They are open from 10 AM – 7 PM daily and I definitely plan a return appearance.  This time, I will make a point of bringing my own targets and sufficient ammunition.

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