Tuesday, September 06, 2011

1.2M Open Water Swim

My racing season came to an end on Saturday with the Racing Underground OWS at Boulder Reservoir.  It was a great low key event and I happened to run into some folks from the Jeffco Aquatic Masters, Arvada Tri Club and Beginner Triathlete.

I finished in 48:36, which was just off my goal time of 45 minutes.  I found out later that day that only 18 seconds separated 3rd-4th-5th in my age group.  I would have pushed a little harder as 18 seconds is trivial on a swim of that distance.  I swam well, but my sighting was off.  I goggles fogged up some and I will definitely make a point of cleaning them prior to any race situation.  Foggy goggles are not a big deal in the pool.

Overall, I am thrilled with the season.  I trained and raced well.  Most importantly I did not have any injuries.  It was also a good learning year with regards to training with purpose.  I got a lot out of swimming on send-offs rather than breaks.  I am starting to reconsider the intensity with respect to running as well.  I only did one track workout, but I recently did a tempo run as well.  I need to improve my cycling base, before increasing the intensity of cycling workouts.

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