Monday, September 19, 2011

Jefferson County Coin Show

My parents are in town and this weekend was the Jefferson County Coin Show.  It is a fun local show with about 20 tables.  My big mistake was not bringing a stroller.  My two year old fell asleep on the way there and I was carrying her for the first 30 minutes we were there.  Nothing really struck my eye, so it wasn’t a big loss.  However at the next Denver Coin Expo, I will definitely make a trip without the girls.

It was interesting to see my parents work the room.  My Mom moves quickly and always has something in mind to sell and buy.  My Dad wanders slowly and when something catches his eye, he will settle in for a 30 minute conversation.  The other dynamic is time to spare.  With the girls, I rarely plan on more than 1 hour.  My parents can spend 2 hours at a small show easily.

It was fun and good for conversation as my parents debated the merits of buy and hold versus flipping pieces of a collection.  I like to think I am somewhere in the middle, but it is hard to say.

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