Monday, October 31, 2011

The Whole Nine Yards

After roughly 200 posts as “All Bets Are Off”, it is time for a new look on my personal blog.  I have enjoyed my chronic training load and sunset over Standley Lake since August, 2009.

My colorful commentary will now be enjoyed as “The Whole Nine Yards.”  The origin of this phrase is a little more elusive, but is commonly attributed to WWII gunners firing an aircraft’s full nine yards of ammunition.  However, the phrase did not appear in any literature until 40 years after the war.  A Google search immediately brings up the 2000 film with Amanda Peet.

For me, the whole nine yards will be a reminder to give everything when it counts.  In life, with family at work and in sport, I want my blog to reflect giving 100% effort.  Let’s see what the next 200 posts have to offer.

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