Monday, October 31, 2011

Flat Tire II

A few days ago I check my tire and it was flat again.  So I dismount the Gatorskin and head to the bike shop.  Bicycle Village was kind enough to true the wheel for me on the spot, but noted that I bent the rim with the tire levers and let me know that I could try to straighten it with some locking pliers or could probably ride as is.  After returning the Gatorskin, buying a Vittoria Rubino Pro, tube, and glue free patch kit plus $10 for the wheel truing, I still got $11 back on my card.

I did straighten out the spot on the rim and then filed down the marks from the pliers.  I mounted the Vittoria in about 2 minutes without the use of tire levers.  It pumped up and seated like a dream and I am ready to ride again.

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