Wednesday, January 04, 2012

2011 Year-End Totals

Swim:  131 Miles (113 hours, 1.16mph)
Bike:  763 Miles (61 hours, 12.5mph)
Run:  563 Miles (104 hours, 10:55min/mile)
Weight:  187.0 start, 179.5 end, 189.0 high (Jan, Sept), 174.5 low (Nov)

Notes on stats:

Swim:  Up 25% from 2010, mostly with the Jeffco Aquatic Masters.

Bike:  Down 20% from 2010

Run:  Up 44% from 2010.  I logged a lot of miles in the early season preparing for a half marathon.  Plus with my gout under control, I had a lot fewer days off due to injury/illness (28 days versus 67 days in 2010).

Weight:  My weight was up and down most of the year.  It took a dip in November as I was eating strictly vegetarian for half of November.

Race Count:

5K:  1
5M:  1
10K:  2
10M: 2
Half:  1
Stroke & Stride:  2
Duathlon:  1
1.2M OWS:  1


 - I really focused on running and enjoyed that aspect of training the most.  I wanted to shoot for a 50K last year, but never got my miles up during the summer.  I intend to commit to a Sunday long run this year

 -My swimming came along quite well.  The masters swim team held an intra-squad meet and it was great to participate in a couple of events.  My freestyle pace/100 has dropped to where I can do intervals below 2:00/100.

 -I did not bike much last year.  This year I don’t see that getting better.  I always have lofty goals to ride at lunch or on the trainer, but they have not materialized.  My average power in Q4 was up 28% compared to last year and averaged 111 watts, so I am training with higher intensity.  I have made a riding buddy in the neighborhood and that has improved my cycling tremendously.

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