Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Mini Projects

This weekend I had the opportunity to tackle a couple of mini projects that have been on the back burner for a few months.  The first was relatively easy.  My daughter had some fun with a sharpie about six months ago and I did my best to clean that up at the time with windex (yes the blue stuff instead of the clear).  I finally touched up the blue smeared walls.  That went OK, but for future reference I have a couple of paint brushes and paint stirrers next to the can of interior paint.

The second project was a little tougher.  The caulk in the master bathroom and kitchen has been getting really ragged.  We don’t splash so much that it is a wall integrity issue, but cosmetically I was not happy.  This project was a little more expensive.  I started with a tube of caulk ($8) and a scraper set ($5).  This was going OK, but the caulk gun I had at home was killing my hands.  I went back out and bought a “heavy duty” caulk gun ($14) which was incredible compared to what I was using.  After having the right materials the job progressed reasonably well.  The finish is not handy man or professional quality, but the end result is not unsightly.  I did not take the time to seal the caulk tube well, so I may be on the hook again the next time I need to caulk.  Most websites suggest using a nail or duct tape to seal the tube, but even then it won’t last forever.

Next up on my list is stain touch up.  I would like to start on that this spring when I can open the windows and ventilate the house.  My goal is to maintain our home in a "ready to sell" condition rather than living with nuisance projects, poor lighting and clutter.

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