Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Busy Busy

The past month has been unusually hectic.  The weekend of the 4th I was snowed in.  Then the weekend of the 11th was my wife’s reserve weekend and the Ralston Creek Half.  The next week we did a family trip to Florida.  Finally last weekend, my wife and older daughter were sick, while my younger daughter and I hosted her birthday party.

Some of this is standard.  I usually do some racing and reserves are always once a month.  However, the minor inconvenience of snow and illness can be challenging.  Travel is always tough.  Even when going someplace fun, I struggle when I am out of my eating, sleeping, working, downtime, exercising routine.  The other tough part is the hassle of commercial airline travel.  There is no joy to be found driving to the airport, getting checked in, waiting for a flight, flying, collecting baggage, and traveling to a final destination.  Without kids, I could read a book or catch up on television or movies.  However, with kids it is an entirely different scenario.

The upside of all this is that by happenstance, I have cut down on my casino gaming.  I have also taken the time to catch up on a lot of books.  The downside is that I have been exercising less and operating in survival mode rather than looking forward to what the day or week has to offer.

Fortunately March looks like a slower month.

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