Thursday, March 01, 2012

March Goal – Diet & Weight Loss

My goal for March is to focus on diet and weight loss.  I went through January trying to focus on financial discipline.  I had some success, but actually did better in February in regards to cleaning up investing positions and multiple bank accounts.  February was supposed to be about casino gaming, but I never had a chance to go play.  Cold turkey is not a substitute for planning a trip and staying on budget.  I will have to make sure I keep the plan in mind the next time I make a trip. 

Today my weight was 177 lbs, but it is a little low due to dehydration.  So far today, I had a 1020 calorie breakfast and a 965 calorie lunch.  If I have a light dinner, I can stay in the 2500 calorie ball park, but I would have to practically fast tonight to make the 2200 calorie threshold in order to lose 3 pounds this month.

I did eat sweets today.  Further, I plan on dining out, although I have not settled on a destination.  At Taco Bell I could have two soft tacos and rice for 420 calories.  From Qdoba a standard burrito would run me 980 calories.  If I took off the tortilla and rice, I would be down to 460 calories.

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