Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Spree 10K

It seems like the weekend just flew by.  I don’t know how I was able to manage all of this activity in addition to going out to play cards once a week.  Friday night, I decided to take advantage of the weather and got in a short bicycle ride.  Then I took the girls to the park, while my wife picked up dinner.

Saturday morning, I took part in the CMRA Spring Spree 10K in Littleton.  This was a fun little event and I even managed to finish in 56:42 which was well ahead of my goal time or 1:00:00.  My 10K pace averaged 9:09/mile.

The rest of the day was spent roaming around downtown Arvada and having lunch at Udi’s.  That night my wife and I went to see “Chess” the musical at the Arvada Center.  I had been hoping to take in a cultural event this year and was not disappointed.  The Arvada Center is a great venue and the performance far exceeded my expectations.

Sunday was a day of chores.  I had the garage cleaned up on Saturday.  The outstanding items on my list were caulking the girl’s bathtub and cleaning up the yard.  I never enjoy yard work and the pollen really took its toll.  However most of the dead stuff from last year is cleared up.  I still have some weeds to pull and will probably buy some fresh mulch this weekend.

I need to start re-evaluating my weekly workouts.  I am solid on swim with Master’s swimming on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  Running is typically easy as I like to run at lunchtime.  However, there are lots of opportunities for group workouts and I am considering joining the CRMA on Tuesday nights and Road Runner Sports on Wednesday nights.  Finally the Arvada Triathlon club is trying to start a weekly run.  Bicycling is hard for me to fix as well.  The Bicycle Village group ride is Saturday mornings.  Foothills Running and Cycling Club also does a Saturday ride and a Wednesday night ride.  I am still a little uncertain about group rides, but should really give them a shot.

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