Monday, April 09, 2012

April Goal – Training

 My March goal of diet & weight loss was a failure.  I started at 177 lbs and ended at 179.5 lbs.  I made some effort to count calories, but only made partial entries 8 of 31 days.  I also picked up a few cookbooks, but did not lean towards the healthy dishes.  In fact I only ate cooked at home dinners 12 of 31 days.  7 days we had prepared meals and 11 days we ate outside the home.

Looking back over financial discipline and casino gaming, I have not made any real changes.

Looking forward to training, I am making more of an effort to participate in group training.  I have gone on a group run and plan to do more.  I also hope to participate in my first group bike ride.  My goals for the month are pretty tame and include 15,000 yards in the pool, 150 miles on the bike and 50 miles running.

I had considered doing the Horsetooth Half marathon, but really don’t want to lose focus on bicycling goals.  Ideally I could average 100 miles/month and realize a 1200 mile season.

One item noticeably absent is strength training.  I have struggled to fit this in.  My primary gym access is at work and I usually prefer to run rather than do weights.  I could try training in the mornings or evenings, but that is complicated as well.  My best bet may be body weight exercises at home.

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