Friday, May 25, 2012

Arvada Bicycle

I had a chance to work with Arvada Bicycle on a recent project of mine.  Arvada Bicycle is truly a local bike shop.  They have a friendly, stable staff and a reasonable inventory.  They came to me recommended by two local riders.

My project was fitting my circa 1987 Pinarello Montello up in a road configuration.  To that end, I needed a new front end.  Fortunately, I had shifters and handlebars and would only need new bar tape, cables and based on fit a new stem.  The bike turned out better than expected and I am super excited to give it a true test rides on the roads this weekend.

One plus was getting re-educated on basic fitting.  Start with the bicycle level and get settled into the seat.  Adjust the seat post height until your knee has a slight bend.  Next get the plumb bob out and adjust the saddle position on the seat post until the pedal spindle is just in front of your knee.  Finally adjust the stack height to your comfort level and set the stem length so that the handle bars block the front hub when viewed from your most common riding position (top, hoods, or drops).  There is obviously much more to it, but an experienced shop can get you fitted very quickly.  A dynamic fit such as Retul goes one step further.  I think a dynamic fit is a great learning experience and can get riders dialed in even closer.

This is the fourth generation of my Pinarello.  It was purchased in 1989 used as a 6 speed with scott aero bars and mavic tubular wheels.  In 2002 after purchasing my Gios in 2001, I had it set up on a whim as a single speed.  I sold most of the old parts in 2005 when we moved into our new house.  I started training for triathlons in 2008 and started shopping for a time trial bike.  In lieu of an additional bicycle purchase, I opted to rebuild the Pinarello with an aero cockpit and mixed Ultegra drive train in 2010.  This turned out to be a wise decision as I learned that I am not ready to commit to a dedicated time trial position for the racing I do.  The bike sat relatively unused for 2 years.  Now in 2012, the bike is reborn.

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