Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Steel is REAL

I have had a chance to put about 30 miles on the Pinarello.  It is really hard to believe how responsive the bike is.  The bike is much stiffer than I am used to riding.  While my Gios is also a steel bike, a combination of the compact geometry, carbon fork or overall construction leaves a mushier feel.  The 9 speed Ultegra drive train is truly whisper quiet.  There is some chain rub in the 12 and 27.  I think that may be a function of the 10 speed front derailleur with a thicker 9 speed chain.  I can manage with 13/25 although hills are a little tougher.

Based on my two test rides, I am ready to bring the bike to the office for occasional lunch time rides.  I think I can get in a pretty good workout in an hour.

However the Gios is certainly preferred for time in the saddle.  It fits me great and I love the compact crank at 10 speed drive train.  I notice the missing gears on the Pinarello.  I also like the power feedback.  I don’t use the data for interval training, but like to be able to quantify my workouts precisely.

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