Thursday, June 21, 2012

Boulder Stroke & Stride #3

As usual, Racing Underground put on a great event.  It was my season opener and I had a lot of fun.  The water temperature was incredibly warm at 71 degrees.

Unfortunately my race started off with a wardrobe malfunction.  While slipping my goggles on, both of the eye sockets and one of the gaskets fell out of the frames.  I fumbled around for nearly 3 minutes before putting them back together and I was only partially successful on the right eye socket.  At least I was off in the water (while the front to the pack was already turning the first buoy approximately 325 meters away.

The course was officially sighted at 784 meters per loop.  With the help of my Finis Hydro Tracker GPS, I learned that I swam quite a bit more than that (link to Hydro Tracker map).  It appears that I swung wide left on my way to the first buoy and then cut into the right after turning the second buoy.  I had a hard time sighting as I headed back towards the shore.  Overall the workout mapped to around 1700 meters less 100 meters across the beach and another 50 meters to transition or right at 1550 meters which is right at the laser sight measurement so there is a slight disconnect.  Nevertheless, I am thrilled with the output.

I am pretty excited to see my splits tomorrow.  I will get some idea of how I really did on the swim and I expect to have a pretty fast 5K time as well.  Using a stopwatch along with the mile markers I noted  splits of 9:08 for mile 2 and 8:37 for mile 3.  I clocked my true start to finish time as 1:05:25.  The race results should reflect that plus a few minutes of fumbling around with goggles.  I may consider a goggle solution more suited to open water (or just be more careful).

I would also like to thank the sponsors.  Leg Lube had a booth set up.  Naked Pizza provided food.  I also won a one month membership to All Sports Recovery Club.

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