Thursday, July 12, 2012

2012 Goals – July – Home Improvement

My June goal of watching less television did not have much success.  I only watched 40 hours of television and actually had 7 television free nights, but that was more happenstance and certainly not a change in behavior.  In fact, I had forgotten all about my goals and am catching up on July today.

January – Spending – I bought a jacket and sunglasses, but otherwise all spending was routine.

February – Casino Gaming – I made two trips in June, which is back to normal.

March – Weight loss – No effort here, but my weight managed to go down 2.5 pounds from June 1st to July 1st.

April – Training – Apart from some injury/illness, training was solid for June.  I also had a few events.  My swimming noticeably fell off, but that should improve the rest of the summer.

May – Better Husband – I fell further off the cliff here and I need to have some serious conversations with my wife.  I am present, but need to communicate better and more often.

Now in July, I would like to focus on home improvement.  I have not had any projects around the house in quite some time.  We did some rearranging recently.  My wife has also made an effort to clear out some clutter in our house.  We got rid of a toy bin in the basement and an office refrigerator in the loft.  The only DIY project I am considering is touch up stain for the door frames.  Professional jobs include new lighting for the den, new countertops and sink in the kitchen and new flooring in the living room.  These jobs are not terribly expensive and I would like to start getting some quotes.  My success criteria is finalizing at least one project and touching up the door frames.

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