Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I read a humorous post from another blogger about how wonderful their friend’s lives were of Facebook.  I did a random sample by reviewing the last 10 items on my Facebook home page.
  1. Family – discussing medical issue
  2. College friend – changed profile picture
  3. High School friend – reposted news story
  4. College friend – regarding music recently listened to
  5. Current friend – talking about garden
  6. Business – reposted news story
  7. Family – providing movie review
  8. Old friend – cat photos
  9. Old friend – tagged in somebody’s photo
  10. High School friend – talking about finances
As it turns out, of the last 10 posts, nobody’s kids won anything, they aren’t eating great meals or having any kind of success.  They are instead watching movies, listening to music, surfing the internet and reposting stories or cat photos or their own photos.  Other than that they are dealing with health or financial issues.  Of 10 items, only one was related to a hobby.  Maybe it is my mix of friends.  To steal a Randy Travis line, “A better class of losers suits me fine.”

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