Thursday, August 02, 2012

2012 Goals – August – Getting Organized

My July goal of home improvement fell flat on its face.  I contacted but never followed up with my measurements, which I can’t find.  That brings me to the August goal of getting organized.

I want to be able to find stuff right away when I need it.  I want to have a system for dealing with routine activities such as checking mail and generating a grocery list. I want to have a stable meal plan.  The motivation for this is to save time.  When I lose an ATM card, I now face the inconvenience of having a new card issued.  When I need to make dinner it is frustrating to find rotting cucumbers and grapes in the refrigerator crisper.

I have heard that organizing is having a place for everything.  Sometimes aesthetics trumps convenience.  I have access to quite a bit of convenient storage.  Unfortunately, I use this storage for items I don’t want to throw away, but am also not sure where to store.  One example that comes to mind is an old laptop and computer peripherals.  I have no use for this device or the associated peripherals, but the laptop is stored in a bedroom closet and the peripherals are stored in the living room.  If I am not willing to discard something, I should at least be willing to move it to inconvenient storage. 

The same could be said of the garage.  I have a hard time putting the girls’ bicycles away because of a jogging stroller that I never use.  However, when I want to use the stroller it is a hassle to bring it upstairs from the basement.  I also store little used tools in the basement because that is where they “should” live.  A shovel, sled, football, basketball and volleyball come to mind.  By freeing up space in the garage, I could more conveniently store helmets and yard maintenance equipment that I use on a more regular basis.

Having room to grow is something to approach cautiously.  These free zones should be drop off points, but not permanent drop off points.  Reducing my earthly possessions and un-cluttering are important aspects that I am not ready to take on yet.  I need to get rid of climbing gear and dress clothing that have not seen use in a decade.

This will become more important as the kids get older and “need” more space.

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