Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Wedding Band

Yesterday I had a chance to pick up a new wedding band.  While I am not a fan of men’s jewelry, I do appreciate that the wedding band is a worldwide symbol that a man is married.  The men’s wedding ring became popular in the 1940’s.  The jewelry industry also tried to promote men’s engagement rings, but this never caught on.

When my wife and I married, I did not think too much of wedding rings and after browsing a bit in stores and online, I requested a six millimeter titanium band.  This was all well and good until I started wearing it every day.  It has a high profile and fit loose.  As I consider myself reasonably active, this became a concern for me.  While the dollar value was trivial, I didn’t want it to end up at the bottom of a lake.  I also felt like the profile could also cause injury.

The new band is 4 mm and has a much lower profile.  I also went down a size so it barely squeezes over the knuckle and sits snug on my finger.  I have no qualms about swimming or any other activity.  I also made a point of selecting the ring with my wife from a local jeweler.  While discounts of 10-20% could be found via online retailers, it was nice to try on several rings and get fitted properly.  I also have the advantage of a long term care plan as the ring will most likely get scratched up and may also need to be resized.

There was no particular motivation for seeking out a new ring after 7 years of marriage and nobody outside of the family has mentioned it.  However it is a simple and elegant piece of jewelry that complements my wife’s wedding ring.


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Well it's about time you started wearing one :-)

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