Wednesday, September 05, 2012

2012 Goals – September – Taking Vitamins

Taking Vitamins is something I started doing in January so I need to rethink my September goal.

Looking back to the August goal of getting organized, I did not get far.  I did move some stuff to the basement and took an inventory of unfinished storage.  The net is that I am still as unorganized as ever.  I had a crib sheet of what I wanted to accomplish, but did not get to any of it.

January – Financial Discipline – I made some progress here by consolidating accounts.  We also refinanced the mortgage.

February – Casino Gaming – Still tracking well under last year.  I have made 11 trips year to date, versus 23 by September 2011.

March – Diet & Weight Loss – No progress here.

April – Training – This has fallen off as expected near the end of the season.

May – Better Husband – No progress here.  We have taken more opportunities for parent’s night out.  However I still don’t communicate well.  Being home more often has not had the benefits that I hoped it would.

June – Watching Television – I am still averaging over 40 hours/month.  I have not thought about this too much.  Next year, I may track television by type (Tivo, Netflix, or Live) as I would like to cut down on pass the time programming versus true entertainment programming.

July – Home Improvement – I made some good progress here.  The light is replaced in the living room.  I touched up some paint in the bathroom.  I have quotes for kitchen countertops from both Granite Depot and Home Depot.  I also have an early ballpark of flooring quotes from Home Depot.

For September, I will propose cooking at home more often.  I have been tracking my dinner for over a year and have found that for dinner I dine out or consume prepared foods 66% of the time.  That means that home cooked meals are consumed in our household 2-3 nights/week.  I would like to increase this to a solid 3 nights/week or 43% of my meals to be cooked at home.  This need not be extravagant.  In fact the last 4 meals cooked were Ramen noodles, daal & rice, Mexican food and Pasta with chicken.

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