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The 2012 swim /bike/run gear I use list

I stole this blog topic from dcrainmaker whose reviews have saved me quite a bit of money and frustration.  I am not often an early adopter, but really do enjoy gadgets.  Unless there is a need that is not being met, I will usually let the market stabilize before purchasing a product.


Swimsuit:  SpeedoSquare Lag Drag suit.  I just feel comfortable in this.  I don’t do any pool events that would necessitate a fast swimsuit.  They last forever.  I bought a second pair when they were on sale just to have a new color.

Goggles:  Sable RS922 recreational goggles.  I love these goggles.  The clasp sucks, but I solved this problem with gogglemates.  Yes it is a bulky package, but it works for me.  I also have a pair of the RS101 competitive goggles, but the eye sockets were popping out on me and the anti-fog isn’t as good.  For open water, I use Aqua Sphere Kaimans with the smoke lens.

Swim Cap:  Tyr latex.  I have some race caps, but this is the one I use most.  I rarely wear a cap in the pool, so this is usually an open water only item.

Swim Watch:  FinisSwimsense.  I graduated from a Timex and this meets my needs well.  It was fascinating at first.  Now, I still review the date, but have gotten completely lazy about being aware of my splits, except on send offs.  Remember, real swimmers don’t wear watches.

Drills – Pull Buoy:  Finis.  This works just fine.  It is the only one I have tried and I only bought it because the selection at the local pool was getting pretty limited.

Drills – Paddles:  Stroke Makers.  I use size #1 S Green and I don’t even use them very often.

Drills – Fins:  Tyr Crossblade Training Fins and Finis Zoomers Gold.  I originally bought the crossblades and they work great and are comfortable.  My new Master’s coach is a big fan of Zoomers and after wearing his ill fitting blues for a few workouts, I bought the golds.  They are comfortable and seem to be strengthening my kick.

Open Water – Wetsuit:  Xterra Vortex 3 sleeveless.  I love this suit.  It is roomy and flexible.  The full sleeve 2XU suit I had constricted my shoulders and chest excessively.

Open Water – Booties:  Blue Seventy swim socks.  I always use these in May and sometimes June.

Open Water – Swim Cap:  Tyr warm wear cap.  I have never tried a neoprene cap, but this under a latex cap has always kept me comfortable.

Open Water – Anti – Chaff:  Body Glide.  I would like to try the spray on stuff, but this seems to work.

Swim bag:  Speedobackpack.  I got this for the pool and the pool only.  For open water swimming, I usually use a grocery store shopping bag.

Open Water – Swim Watch:  Timex Ironman paired with Finis HydroTracker GPS.  I am not sold on the HydroTracker, but it is a fun toy that finally does what it is supposed to.

The only swimming must buy are the RS922 goggles with Gogglemates or other after market clasp support.


The bike:  GiosCompact Pro.  This is my road bike that works well for any multisport activities I do.  I had an old Pinarello fitted up with an aero cockpit, but it never felt right.

Power Meter:  CyclopsPowerTap wired.  This was my first and only entry into the power meter market.  I would have liked to get wireless, but it does the job.

Race Wheels:  NA until I get to 170 lbs.  I will most likely go with Zipp 404 wheels with an aluminum brake surface.

Regular Helmet:  GiroAeon.  I bought this a couple of months ago and absolutely love it.  It might get chilly in the cold, but I will just throw a skull cap or cycling cap under my helmet.

Aero Helment:  NA, no plans for purchase.

Bike Jerseys:  Misc.

Bike shorts/bib:  PerformanceBibs.  These work great and fit really well.  High end bibs are usually for riders more svelte than me.

Bike Shoes:  Specialized

Cold Weather Long Sleeve Jersey:  Rive?

Cold Weather bike top:  NA, I don’t ride outside when it is that cold.

Cold weather bike tights:  Usually Sidi Knee Warmers, but when it is really cold, I pull out the Pearl Izumi tights (with Slipstream logos).

Bike case:  NA, I don’t travel to races, yet.

Bike trainer:  Performance TravelTrac 2000.  I am considering a new trainer.  It will be either a computrainer or equivalent based on DC rainmaker review.

Bike computer/GPS:  I have a Cateye Strada wireless, but also have the PowerTap head unit and Garmin 305 on my wrist.  It is a little busy, but I really don’t care.  I might move the Cateye Strada to my second bike, which is currently lacking any electronics.

In my experience there have not been any cycling must buys.  I would highly recommend a bike fit (I chose Retul) and regular professional bike maintenance.


Running Shoes:  Saucony Guide 5 are my daily shoes and I have a pair of Saucony Fastwitch 5 for track work and racing.

Running T-shirt:  Race technical tees.

Running shorts:  GoLite

Running Socks:  Misc socks.  Usually Save our Soles or Defeet.  I have tried numerous brands, but these work for me.

Running Watch:  Garmin 305.  This is a workhorse.  If it were to die, I would probably give the 910XT a shot.

Long Run Hydration:  Nathan.  I also ordered a fuel belt this summer, but have yet to do any long runs with it.

Cold weather running top:  Saucony Opitmal top

Cold weather running tights:  Under Armour running pants

Cold weather running gloves:  90% of the time it is a pair of jersey gloves.  When it gets below 32 degrees, I will pull out the fleece mittens.

The running must buy for me is a GPS based device.  I really like being able to quantify my distance.

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