Thursday, September 13, 2012


Cyclocross season is here.  This is a little known but rapidly growing segment of competitive cycling.  Similar to how running has road racing, trail racing, and track events, cycling has road racing, mountain bike and velodrome events.  The steeplechase in track is about as close as you can get to describing cyclocross, which consists of riders navigating trails and dismounting to navigate obstacles which could be barriers or steep run-ups.

Boulder has a very active cyclocross scene with a midweek race series.  Boulder Cycle Sport has created a reputation as being a very involved shop in cyclocross.

I participated in one event about 10 years ago and rode it on my old mountain bike.  I got lapped by the field, yet still look fondly on the cycling niche.  In fact, every fall I consider getting a ‘cross bike, riding outdoors all winter, and practicing mounts and dismounts in the park near my house.

Fortunately I have not indulged in this shopping adventure.  I still poke around on Craigslist to see what is in the secondary market, but I really have no inclination to broaden my hobby base.

A ‘cross bike could be pretty versatile.  I would use it for the Racing Underground winter duathlon series and could also set it up as a touring bike.  Bicycle touring across the United States has been an unfulfilled dream that has haunted me for over 25 years.

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