Thursday, September 06, 2012

Breaking Bad Episode 8

The fifth season of Breaking Bad was broken up into two 8 episode blocks to be broadcast in 2012 and 2013.  I think this has been a great series that suits my tastes for characters on the fringe of society, gritty story lines, but retaining some individual integrity.  I was a big fan of The Sopranos and have also enjoyed Sons of Anarchy.

In the series a high school chemistry teacher learns that he has cancer and sets about to get into the methamphetamine business to provide for his family.  The story spirals in numerous directions as the business of producing meth is more than just good chemistry.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from season five as the story seemed to arrive at a reasonable end.  However, the reasonable end for most in the drug business is death or incarceration.  I guess the other alternative is to end up on a beach in a non-extradition country, but as the cocaine trade has proven, there is just too much money to walk away a winner.

Walter White’s character evolves from family man and protagonist to kingpin and antagonist as he enjoys the business for his ability in terms of producing good meth and being in control.

To steal a concept from Jim Collins, the meth business for Walter White meets the criteria of the Hedgehog Concept.  What are you deeply passionate about?  What you can be the best in the world at?  What drives your resource engine?  Unfortunately the meth business is illegal and therein lies the drama.
I am now anxiously awaiting episode 9, which will be broadcast next  summer.

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