Thursday, November 01, 2012

Halloween 2012

We had the unexpected pleasure of Halloween night with temperatures in the 50’s during the evening.  I say unexpected as one plans a Halloween costume that fits over a snowsuit in Colorado.  The girls enjoyed store bought Cinderella costumes this year complete with white gloves and scepters.  They both had parties at school and my wife’s office sponsored a party as well.  As has become a tradition for us going on at least 4 years now, we dressed up and headed to Chipotle for Boorito.  The rest of the evening was trick-or-treating and receiving trick-or-treaters.

I have read a few blogs and have discussions at home regarding risqué costumes for Halloween.  I guess for a given Halloween party or night club that is probably appropriate if you have the physique for it.  However, I was quite surprised to see mini-skirts at Chipotle.

My favorite costumes are when a group of people put together a theme such as three little pigs and the big bad wolf or Goldilocks and the three bears.  I also made out a triathlon with one person dressed as a swimmer, another as a cyclist and a third as a runner.

I really need to work on a better Halloween costume as I will continue to participate in Halloween with the children.  In the past I have done scrubs, polyester suits, tie-dyed clothes, and even traditional Indian clothes.  I have also pulled off a couple of outfits with capes.  It wouldn’t be too hard for me to put together sports outfits like baseball player or basketball player.  However, I would like to put together a solid vampire or Frankenstein outfit.  A cape and tuxedo or coat with heavy shoulder pads should not be that hard to find and complimented with some make up could be a lot of fun.

My wife usually tries to do a current events outfit which always has mixed results.  It is a very fine line between clever and stupid, but she puts a lot of thought into staying on the side of clever.

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