Wednesday, December 26, 2012

2013 Goals

I am actually considering my 2013 goals with some trepidation.  I have struggled with putting together meaningful goals and have consistently failed to meet them.  This year I am going to focus exclusively on diet & weight loss and am going to put a monthly tactical goal in place.

January – Non-bagel breakfast twice per week

February – Juice meal replacement twice per week

March – No sweets after 5:00 PM

April – Cooking at home twice per week

May – No fast food (Pizza, McDonald’s, etc.)

June – Tuesday vegetarian day

Since I can’t come up with 12 things, I could repeat, but will instead try 6 other small initiatives

July – Wednesday dress nice for work

August – Take a group exercise class once per week

September – Story time with the kids every night

October – Go to the temple once per week

November – Take household inventory (100 Thing Challenge)

December – Donate any clothes easily replaced but not worn in the last 12 months (minimum 10 items)

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