Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping is once again upon us.  Last year I went overboard a little bit on the Black Friday shopping.  As we were out of town this year, I did not have the opportunity to make that mistake.  There was only one deal I was truly interested in anyway.  I put a book, some clothing, grooming implements, and sports gadgets onto my wish list.  All together it is less than 50% of my wish list last year.  Another year came and went without a new bicycle.  That is probably a good thing, even though I finally broke 1000 miles for the first time since I started keeping track in 2008.  I may still make the leap to electronic shifting and pick up some new shoes.

The kids were easy to shop for.  Last year they were really into princesses and dress up clothes.  While they are still interested, the new hot topic is craft items.  Therefore a request has been made to Santa to deliver an art kit and other craft items.

My wife is typically challenging for me to shop for.  She needs gloves and was also interested in a blue tooth headset.  I feel both items will get a lot of use.  Hopefully she can order those for herself.

The big ticket items will be some home improvement projects which we have been considering for quite some time.  Those are finally underway and we are looking forward to the results.

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