Wednesday, January 02, 2013

2012 Year-End Totals

Swim:  101 Miles (94 hours, 3:09/100 yards)

Bike:  1164 Miles (98 hours, 11.9 mph)

Run:  466 Miles (86 hours, 11 min/mile)

Weight:  182.0 Start, 187.5 End, 193.0 high (October), 177 low (March)

Notes on stats:

Swim:  Down 23% from 2011, Meyers closed for 3 months (September-November).  Overall pace was slower due to more kick sets and drills.  Lani quit as coach in February of 2012 and we had several interim coaches until Dag was hired in June of 2012.

Bike:  Up 52% from 2011, Great year on the bike with long rides with Andy, 2 rides up Lookout Mountain and trainer rides the basement (250 miles in 2012).

Run:  Down 17% from 2011, fewer races, focused on bike.  I am still a member of CMRA, but did not do any RMRR events.  I am looking forward to getting involved with 3W races this year.

32 hours of strength training for the year.

Overall it was a much more balanced year.  I am planning on continuing with roughly 2 hours of swimming/week, 100 miles of riding/month and 10 miles of running/week.  I would like to maintain 1 hour of strength training weekly.

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