Monday, February 25, 2013

3W Neighborhood 5K

I had a chance to do another 3W Neighborhood 5K this weekend.  Despite the cooler weather, it was a fun race on an out and back course to Standley Lake.  A lot of canned goods were donated given that only 35 of 52 registered.

This time the event was co-sponsored by CrossFitUndeniable.  They have a “box” located at 92nd and Wadsworth.  I have always been curious about cross fit and Zack and Izzy provided a great introduction by answering a lot of questions from curious runners.

I managed to shave off about 15 seconds from last time and finished in 28:55.  I did a poor job of pacing as indicated by a 9:02 first mile and 9:52 third mile on a flat fast course.

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