Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Coaching Services

At the Arvada Triathlon Club meeting on Monday, I had the opportunity to listen to Neal McLaughlin and Justin Chester from Mile HighMultisport.  Neal gave a pitch on the mental aspects of training.  There were a couple of key messages that hit home.

First, have goals.  People who have goals written down that they see on a regular basis are more successful.  I would have to agree with that.  Having a goal event has always helped organize my training.  I have yet to find that for 2013 or beyond.

Second, life consists of faith, family, job and triathlon in that order.  In the hierarchy of needs, little can be accomplished without faith.  No one is on their death bed, claiming they wished they spent more time at work and less time with family.  Without a job, it is hard to afford triathlon.

Justin gave a pitch that was more focused on the benefits of coaching.  I have been kicking around the coaching idea for quite some time.  I have all of the toys I need.  I also typically spend 5 hours/week training.  It would be very helpful for me to structure that time better.  A coach could help me accomplish this.  I am held back by the observation that I don’t want to take triathlon too seriously.

It was a great meeting and as part of a call to action, my goal is to complete the Bear Creek Lake Park Time Trial 6.8 mile course in 23 minutes.  While this would be a solid last place, it would also represent an 18 mile per hour effort.  The time trial is held Wednesday nights in September so I have plenty of time to prepare.

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