Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cold Ski Day

On Sunday, I got in my 3rd day of skiing for the year.  After having not skied for the past 7 seasons, it has been fun to get out and hit the slopes.  Unfortunately or fortunately depending on your perspective, it was between zero and five degrees Fahrenheit while we were up there.  They say there is no bad weather, only bad clothing.  I certainly tested that theory on Sunday.

I had 4 layers on my upper body, 2 layers on my legs, gloves with liners, ski socks, neck gaiter and helmet.  My toes and fingers were freezing.  In fact it was not until I got home and into the shower (2.5 hours after the last run) that I felt the tingling in my toes saying that circulation had resumed.

That experience made a strong case for better socks, toe warmers and better gloves for the next time I decide to go and play in zero degree weather.

The skiing was great.  The slopes were not crowded and the snow conditions were awesome.  I stuck to groomed terrain as has been my usual MO.  We also took a short break around midday to warm up in the lodge.  This was a very good idea.  As a note to myself, I will continue to pack clif bars, but also pack a couple of tea bags to take advantage of the 25 cent, hot water special at Keystone.  No sense in paying $4 for a cup of Tazo.

The new gear was great.  The demo skis I bought were not heavy.  I continue to be impressed by the helmet I picked up.  In addition to protection in case of head impact, it keeps me quite warm and is comfortable.  It was weird to have the helmet strap in addition to the neck gaiter.  In the future, I may opt for a baklava on cold ski days. 

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