Monday, March 11, 2013

Denim & Diamonds

On Friday I attended my first “adult prom.”  It was a Woodrow Wilson Academy Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) fundraiser themed Denim & Diamonds.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but suited up with jeans and a sport coat and decided to make the best of it.

The event was held at the Church Ranch Event Center.  It was remarkably well attended with about 100-150 people in attendance.  There was a nice spread of food donated by local companies, a cash bar, and volunteer DJ.  There were also several silent auction items available ranging from gift baskets and handicrafts to gift cards and ski passes.

We saw a few parents from our daughter’s class and the neighborhood.  The only other familiar faces were from the PTO.

The DJ was pretty good and there was a good mix of music from the eighties and nineties with current pop hits mixed in as well.  The first song that got me off my feet was by Tone Loc.  They had a classic rock set where I could name all of the artists.  I got lost on the rap set.  For some reason Lil’ Jon never resonated with me.  Current hits included Gangnam Style.  I had the unfortunate experience of dancing to a song which had a catchy beat, only to find out it was by Justin Bieber.  That is still haunting me.

We bid on a few auction items including a gift basket of books that the Kindergarten class put together and a cross fit on ramp course donated by CrossFit Undeniable.  We only came home with the gift basket.

Overall it was a fun night that I would recommend attending in the future.  Similar to all dances, the floor was empty when we got there, but was about half full when we were leaving thanks to the libations.

I really appreciate the efforts of the PTO and the wonderful sponsors in the community that donated silent auction items.

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