Thursday, March 07, 2013

The Americans

“The Americans” is a new television drama on FX that has really taken me in.  It is set in 1981 and follows the lives of KGB operatives that have deep covers in the United States.  They have kids, run a travel agency, and conduct covert operations for the KGB.

During the first 5 episodes, they have worked with assets and played all the spy games like setting up drops, conducting surveillance and planting bugs.

The cast is reasonable, but the writing is over the tops at time.  It is quite engaging to see how people can live a double life. 

I have always enjoyed spy movies starting with 007.  An ancillary benefit is the dramatization of détente and confrontation with the Soviets.  The threat of nuclear war was higher in 1981 than any other time I can recall.  I am sure in 30 years there will be some pretty good dramas about the war on terror and intelligence operations being conducted currently by the United States and other nations.

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