Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Finis Electronics

I am a bit of a gear junkie.  If I come across something novel or clever, I am usually interested in giving it a shot cost permitting.  Finis has been a premier company of swim training tools since 1993.  I currently own a Finis Swimsense and Finis Hydrotracker GPS.

I bought the Swimsense quickly after it came out.  I had a lot of fits and starts with the device itself, the dock and the bridge.  However it has continued to function well.  I did break the retainer strap on the band and that was quickly replaced.  Most recently the bridge was down, but Finis customer service got it fixed within weeks.  It is a good thing I am not a daily swimmer or the 14 session memory would not have been sufficient.

I waited a little longer to buy the Hydrotracker in case there were any bugs to work out.  This is more of a no frills device that has worked very well for me.  I will get out in the open water less than a dozen times per year, but I still like to know how far I swam.  The device reached a price point that made me bite.  I have had fewer problems with the Hydrotracker.  As with the swimsense, the device was not recognizing and I had to have a replacement sent out.  Most recently the website was not allowing export of .tcx files.  These concerns were quickly addressed by Finis as well.

The latest streamline bridge has a weird glitch in that it will not work if anything else is plugged into any USB port on your PC.  This is mildly irritating, but not the end of the world.

At the end of the day, Finis is a company loyal to swimmers and stays on the cutting edge of developing swimming tools.  They have always acted professionally and responsibly.  With my latest spat of product glitches they were even willing to send me some free gear which I truly appreciate.  I will continue to use and recommend Finis products.

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