Monday, August 19, 2013

Jefferson County Coin Show

The Jefferson County Coin Show (JCCS) is a small local show within 10 mile of my house.  I make a point of stopping by whenever I can, but lately I have been finding fewer and fewer pieces for my collection.  The August 17th show was no exception. 

I only found a few half dollars and only one that met my quality expectation. Mark S. usually has nice coins and this 1834 50c O-108 was no exception.  It was NGC XF-45 and while weak for the grade, was certainly a trouble free original coin.  The strike was a little weak on the reverse, but in line with my expectations.  It seemed to be a later die state based on the dentils.  The O-108 is an R.2 which is by no means a great rarity, but still an interesting coin.  Unfortunately we could not agree on a price.

My next stop was bullion purchases, but my usually dealer had nothing in the weight I was interested in.  This was not a big deal, but it was unfortunate to miss a few of the dealers I have come to expect at this show.  The caveat is the ANA World’s Fair of Money was being held in Chicago.  This probably had most dealers in Chicago to satisfy customer want lists and build up inventory.  In the future, it may be more beneficial to avoid this conflict.

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