Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fly Fishing

I have recently been offered the fabulous opportunity to go on a guided fly fishing trip.  I have not been fishing in probably a decade, but it is a very relaxing hobby that allows for good social interaction as well.  I still have a fishing rod, but not a fly set up.  This would be pretty easy to borrow.  I also do not have a fishing license, but $9 for a one-day license or $26 for an annual license is a pretty trivial expense.

The biggest challenge will be finding a time.  August is already booked up, I only have one free weekend in September and October can get pretty cold in the mountains.  Considering the drive to the stream and various logistics, I need to plan on being out for at least 8 hours.

I have always been fascinated by fly fishing.  In the past year, I have had two reminders of the sport.  First was the movie, “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen.”  Second is Jimmy Buffet’s book in which he describes his fly vice as standard equipment that he travels with.  There is a definite beauty to hand tying flies. 

Trout fishing is a unique opportunity in Colorado.  Even if we don’t get any keepers, it would be fun to make a trip up to the mountains.  If we do happen to get a couple of keepers, it would be an interesting challenge to remember how to clean a fish, although I would definitely be able to prepare it the same day.

While I continue to waste a lot of time in my life, my weekends have been slightly more organized.  I have planned local scuba outings and even planned a stand up paddle board day.  I take my race schedule pretty seriously.  Although I burn one weekend a month with my wife traveling, the other three weekends are pretty valuable to me.  I will definitely go fly fishing, but hopefully it does not result in a one and done adventure as tennis did this spring.  I already neglect enough hobbies and would hate to get excited by fishing only to not be able to participate in it often.

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