Monday, October 21, 2013

Dr. Aralumallige Parthasarathy

I had the chance to listen to Dr. Parthasarathy give a discourse on Sunday.  As part of my goals to become a little more spiritual, I have been driving down to Littleton on Sundays to support the Hindu Temple and Cultural Center.  This past Sunday, I sat down and found out that there was a guest speaker coming in who is doing a tour of the United States.

As it turned out he gave a very nice talk on Hanuman.  Hanuman is a deity renowned for his courage, power, and faithful, selfless service.  It turned out to be the exact talk I needed to hear, as I have been full of fear and uncertainty.  I have struggled with public speaking lately as well.

I have heard the stories of Hanuman before, but it is always an experience to hear a passionate speaker.  It was even more interesting how the morning unfolded.  I was leaving around 10:00 AM, but then my daughters were not interested in joining me.  I then had second thoughts and was going to rake the leaves in the front yard.  Upon further consideration, I got dressed and headed out on my own.  I arrived at 11:00 AM to hear that the speaker was running late.  Upon asking what speaker, I was given a brief description and decided to stick around.  If my girls had come, they certainly would not have lasted the two hours.


Meera Desai Shah said...

Hello, Children generally are not interested in philosophy and learning. They want fun things. Would you have sat through a two hour lecture with words and no visuals at their age?
While telling them a story about your childhood (!)throw in a comparison between Hanuman's adventure (notice no plural, one adventure is fine) and a super heroe's.
If children are exposed to your/Hindu stories while growing up, they will seek out more when they are adults, just the way you are doing it now. All the best. Meera

Sanjiv Gupta said...

Thanks for the comment.