Tuesday, October 29, 2013

3W Neighborhood Fun Run

October 26th was shaping up to be a really nice day so I went ahead and registered for the 5K fun run.  The race supported Growing Home of Westminster so I grabbed some canned goods for donation as well.  I did not have particularly high hopes for this event so I stayed in my usual routine and went for a bike ride the day before and a swim the morning of the event.

At 10:15 AM the event was underway.  I took a spot in the middle of the starting field of 29 individuals (7 men and 22 women).  Surprisingly quickly, I had come up through the field and was chasing a guy who did not seem too much faster than me.  I felt really good, but my heart rate was in the low 170’s and that is not a sweet spot I can usually hold for very long (8:17 for mile 1).

Just before the turnaround, I saw the lead runner come through and then the second place runner and then it was me and the third place runner.  At this point I was motivated.  I picked up the tempo a little bit and was in 3rd place around the 2 mile mark (8:10 for mile 2).  The final mile was motivated by fighting the urge to turn around and see if I had a gap and trying to maintain my pace (7:54 for mile 3).

I turned on my finishing “kick,” which spiked my heart rate to 189.  I ended up finishing the out and back course in 24:55, just 4 seconds off of my best 5K in recent years.  If I had known that was possible, I would have worn my racing flats.

Thanks to 3W and the Westminster Dairy Queen for hosting a great event.  Sneaks Organics, Emergency, Teenie Greenies, and Kachina grill provided some fun raffle prizes.

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