Friday, October 11, 2013

Martial Arts

My daughter has been expressing in martial arts for about 6 months.  We are usually pretty busy in the summer so we did not pursue looking into studios.  As it turns out there are several programs in the area.  We went to an open house at Ascent Martial Arts & Performance Fitness, which was a small and well run program that does Chun Kuk Do.  We have seen kids training at the Apex Center in Arvada.  Finally we stopped by Seo’s Martial Arts booth at the Arvada Harvest Festival.

We went to the studio last night and it was a large, impressive, dedicated facility with a friendly and enthusiastic staff.  The center practices Tang Soo Do.  My 4 year old joined the Little Kickers and my 6 year old went with the Beginners.

My daughters have taken swim lessons, gymnastics, ballet, and tennis lessons through our local recreation center.  They also take piano through a private facility.  The karate program at Seo’s put all of them to shame.  So far we only had the one visit and plan to continue attending for the balance of the introductory period.  However, barring some extreme cost barrier, I think my kids would love to continue in karate.

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