Monday, October 14, 2013


Navratri is a Hindu festival whose origins, mythology, traditions and rituals are somewhat beyond me.  I do know that it was recently recognized at the Hindu Temple and Cultural Center in Littleton and there was an article in the Aljazeera in response to people being trampled at a temple in India.

We have gone to the temple in Colorado the past two Sundays in my current desire to live a more spiritual life connected to my community and fellow man.  This past Sunday, we arrived near the end of a ceremony during which books and writing implements were being handed out.  It is an auspicious time for kids to be introduced to letters and reading.

The drive down is only about 35 minutes, but the kids have been surprisingly calm during our “pilgrimage” to Littleton.  I don’t have an end goal, but the mythology of penance being required for good to triumph over evil is in line with my belief system.  To put that sentiment into my daily life, I have to be willing to work hard and sacrifice if I want to achieve something positive.

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